What’s the story behind Lunchblocks?

Hi, I’m a mom of two peanuts ? a 4 year old boy and 2 1/2 year old little girl. But before the chaos arrived, I was an art director and the daughter of a chef. I grew up in a professional kitchen in Switzerland, attending art school by day, and helping my dad around the kitchen evenings and weekends. It was only natural that I would end up mixing what I love and know best: Kids, food and design.
Lunchblocks is the result.

It’s always been important to me to send my kids to school with a good lunch ? something healthy and yummy. And every day of the week, something different. But little by little, the task became daunting. My kids became picky; suddenly eating anything green was a nonstarter; red, who are you kidding?; yellow, well, too yellow! The only acceptable color left was off-white (I?m looking at you, pasta!)
I racked my brain: How do I get them to eat more veggies? To try new dishes? To be adventurous?

Then, as I started to ask the other moms around, I realized that everybody is in the same boat. Everybody has, to some extent, developed some kind of anxiety when it comes to choosing and making food for their kids.
But, at the same time, something amazing happened! Everyone I spoke with also had some sort of advice or tricks to share. A crowd-pleasing recipe, a secret ingredient, a creative way to name or plate dishes, a game, a ritual, a special utensil.

That’s where Lunchblocks comes in. This site is meant to be a sort of database for all of us, and provided by us, of all those?kids-tested methods and meals, tips and tricks, to help us feed our kids without losing our minds.

Questions? Suggestions?

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