Last week something wonderful happened, my son (4 year old) came back with an empty lunchbox for the first time. And all the following days after that too. He is not the pickiest boy on the block when it comes to food but we usually have the same talk every night about why he has not eaten that snack (that he loves) or that fruit (his favorite) and so on. I now have to find some new topics of conversation.

So what happened??

A bento box happened. What a great idea. It looks good and appealing. No more wasted ziploc bags, or over/under-sized plastic containers, because everything has its place right there.

I think it is very effective with kids for a couple of reasons:
– The food is organized.
– They have it all in one place which gives them the power to choose what they want when they want. (And god knows how much they love to have control over everything.)
– It’s different and feels less childish than the usual kid’s lunch boxes.