All the things we love

This is the page where we can find and share everything about something great?we just discovered. It could be?a new tool, cookie, book, place, service, or website. We all know how great it is when you finally find a leak proof sippy cup that is actually leak proof right? Or how happy it makes you when you find a gluten free pasta?that taste and feels like the real deal?

Popped Corn

  For relatively healthy movie night popcorn or anytime snacks, this is microwave popcorn re-imagined. They have a great butter and sea salt flavor, but this Rosemary Parmesan just does it for me.

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Kid’s Bento boxes

Last week something wonderful happened, my son (4 year old) came back with an empty lunchbox for the first time. And all the following days after that too. He is not the pickiest boy on the block when it comes to food but we usually have the same talk every night...

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Cooking with Sake

In French cuisine, as in many others, we cook with wine a lot. A LOT. I use wine in sauces (try this calamari recipe), when I cook a simple riz pilaf, risotto, etc? One day while making a risotto I realized that I was out of white wine. Oh my, oh my, what to do?...

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Fresh tomatoes vs cans or jars

Using fresh tomatoes in place of store bought canned tomatoes is much tastier. Unfortunately, the amount of work added to prepare the tomatoes is really only worth it during the tomato season. When the tomatoes actually taste and smell like something. ?(Note: I have...

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